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5 Reasons To Eat Insects

Holy cow! Can eating insects help save the world? Food Adventurer Stefan Gates thinks so and talks about insect-eating benefits in his new documentary Can Eating Insects Save the World?

According to Gates the 5 reasons to eat insects are:

  1. There are no emotional strings attached
  2. Insects are very nutritious
  3. Insects as food offer a great variety of flavor and texture
  4. Sustainability–their capacity to endure is evident to any human being that has encountered them
  5. If we were willing to eat them, we could end world hunger

Hmmm. I just don’t know if I could do it. I like the idea of solving world hunger, but those guys don’t look very appetizing to me.

What do you think? Would you be willing to make the switch to insects?

About Laura

Laura is passionate about food from real farmers and artisans. She lives with her husband in Grand Rapids on the river. Sometimes it flows over, but mostly she is greeted by the ducks, geese and her neighbor's chickens. They like to hop up on her windowsill and eat the spiders. Yay! She is the co-founder of Two Sister Organics, a natural and organic skin care company, and Eating Local & Organic.

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