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A Documentary About Genetically Modified Foods In America

Genetic Roulette is a film from The Institute for Responsible Technology that talks about how genetically engineered food came to be. How we as a society have been affected by it. How health conditions have been on the rise ever since its introduction into the food supply in 1996. But there is hope as the doctors and scientists in the film tell us–the effects of GMOs can be reversed. And we can create the change we want and get food manufacturers to respond to by getting rid of the GMOs in their products.

What is a GMO and How Did it Get Here?

The film starts out by describing what a GMO is and how it’s created, what it does to our bodies and our health. Watch the trailer or go to Genetic Roulette Movie and view it with a donation of $2.99. Who knows? You might even get involved with other like-minded people in your area!

And the best part is at the end when the speakers in the documentary talk about how we can be a force to reckon with by not buying products that have GMOs–manufacturers will respond when their bottom line is affected.

Since there is no still no requirement to label products that have GMOs, or their derivatives, the best way for you to avoid eating them is to use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide. It also includes the derivatives of GM ingredients such as aspartame and modified food start. And they have an iPhone app that you can use to help you make food decisions while you’re shopping.

The three things that you can do to avoid eating GMOs are:

  1. Buy Organic–certified Organic
  2. Avoid soybeans, canola, cottonseed, corn, and sugar from sugar beets
  3. Buy products from manufacturers listed in the Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Although it might seem like you’re stepping through a mine field trying to find products that are GMO-free, take heart. As more and more companies join in with the Non-GMO Project and commit to making products that are free of genetically engineered ingredients, it will get easier. Remember what it was like for people needing gluten-free products? At first there was almost nothing and now major companies are catering to that market demand.

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