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Eating Local & Organic is a lifestyle and a cultural movement. It’s about people who love eating great food that’s locally grown or raised. It’s about people who love getting their food from a local farmer or artisan. It’s about food that’s special. That’s real and authentic. And it’s also about food that’s been made with ingredients your grandmother or great-grandmother would recognize. It’s about going back to our roots and rediscovering the beauty of eating tasteful food–and enjoying it with family and friends.

There’s room for many different types of eaters here from the paleos, hardcore locavores and real food freaks to the gimme my white pasta people. The common thread among all of us is that we would rather buy blueberries from a local farmer. We would rather buy french bread from a local artisan than the stuff you get at the store that has 20 ingredients in it. But let’s be real–you can’t get everything you want locally. So for those of us who still want ketchup, we’ll buy it–we just don’t want it to contain chemicals, GMOs, or high-fructose corn syrup. We’ll buy taco shells, but we don’t want hydrogenated oils. The bottom line is we’re not purists, but you can be. There’s a place here for all of us.

People are attracted to this lifestyle for a variety of reasons including supporting local farmers and artisans, getting healthier, improving the local economy and more. The reasons are as varied as are the answers to the question: why do you eat what you eat? Eating Local & Organic is a large umbrella that allows all of us to come together and celebrate food as nature intended it. With chickens roaming, cows giving us raw milk and heirloom garlic waiting to be pulled.

So that’s how Eating Local & Organic came to be. It was born out of these passions by two sisters who wanted to be part of this cultural shift and give people a place to come together to find great seasonal recipes, food movement news, superfood info, food humor–and anything else people like us would want to know!

- Laura & Julia


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