Are Millennials Driving The Food Movements?

If you think the real and local food movements are growing–you’d be right. So what’s driving this change–this growing demand for real food products at the grocery store and just about anything you can make, raise or grow at the local farmer’s market? With millennials, or Generation Y, making up the largest consumer group at around 80 million people they have a lot of power to influence the food industry.

McDonald’s Sees Drop In Millennials’ Appetite

In his article Brad Jordan of Food Riot Radio says that millennials are getting over McDonald’s. They’ve discovered the joys of real and whole food. Of making and enjoying food with friends. And most of all, the freedom of being liberated from a junk food slumber.

Not all millennials have awoken from their indoctrination, but enough of us have to lead the trend away from McDonald’s.

Research shows that hamburger chains have seen a 16% decline in traffic from our age group since 2007. Millennials made 3.6 billion visits to hamburger chains in 2012, compared to 4.2 billion visits in 2007.

There also has been a 12% decline in quick-service restaurant visits overall.

Why? Well, I’m guessing it’s because some of us want to live. We’ve seen the havoc fast food wreaked on our parents’ generation and we don’t want to die young, or grow old on pharmaceuticals. We’ve rediscovered the joy of eating, whole, nutrient-dense, real foods. These foods make us think clearer, prevent sickness, and just taste better. We cook our own chow, listen to music, and converse with friends.

Life is good once you’ve been deprogrammed, woken up, and freed from food traps, government traps, societal traps, mental traps, guilt traps, advertising traps or any other trap that forces you to live an unfulfilling and unhealthy life.

Read his full article here.

What’s fascinating about this story is that it’s true–millennials do seem to be influencing, in large part, this change and are fueling the local and real food movements. It seems like this is the age group where most of the “action” is taking place. But it’s also true that many older people, myself included, have been on a similar path. Have had our own awakenings. My belief is that it’s a cultural shift which I can only hope will continue in intensity.

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