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Are Those Broccoli Leaves Edible?

Call me crazy, but I just found out that the broccoli plant has these huge leaves! Why did I never know that before? I’ve never seen them at the grocery store or even at my local farmer’s market. So who’s eating all these broccoli leaves?

Well, if you happen to be lucky enough to come across some broccoli leaves, this entertaining video will show you how to cook them. They’re kind of like a cross between collard and mustard leaves.

Or use those large, beautifully green leaves in a protein smoothie for a nice boost to your day.

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Laura is passionate about food from real farmers and artisans. She lives with her husband in Grand Rapids on the river. Sometimes it flows over, but mostly she is greeted by the ducks, geese and her neighbor's chickens. They like to hop up on her windowsill and eat the spiders. Yay! She is the co-founder of Two Sister Organics, a natural and organic skin care company, and Eating Local & Organic.

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