THE GOAL: to go back to our roots

Benefit 3: Build Your Local Economy

When you spend money on local food, it has a multiplying effect. Every dollar circulates within the local economy and impacts 3 - 7 businesses. The hard-earned money you've spent stays in the local economy longer. Why is this important? It means that the farmers who bring us all this wonderful food can continue to do so. And who knows, you might end up with a thriving local economy based on food!

So how much does your local dollar impact your local economy? Because that dollar circulates roughly six times locally it ends up getting spent at more local businesses--the ones that support your local farmer. Those businesses, then in turn, spend that dollar on other types of businesses, both local and national. This means that both your farmers and the local businesses they patronize have stronger, more solid businesses. That additional spending helps to spur local growth.

Another view of this kind of local food spending involves all of the local food-based businesses that buy products from local farmers. Consider this scenario: a local restaurant purchases local food. As more people choose to eat at restaurants serving locally-grown food, the restaurant does better economically. That restaurant then spends more money on supplies, impacting local suppliers, and either creates more jobs or is able to increase wages. Having more people employed with better wages creates more spending which has a cascading effect on the total local economy.

This is what we all hope to have--thriving local economies, more jobs, better food, and improved health.

For more information on how food can transform a local economy, check out The Town That Food Saved by Ben Hewitt.