THE GOAL: to go back to our roots

Benefit 1: Taste The Difference

Food that's grown locally, without chemicals, just tastes better. Who hasn't tasted a home-grown tomato and thought how much better it tastes than one bought in a store? You'll be amazed at the flavor and your meals will taste awesome!

There are a few reasons that locally-grown or raised food tastes so much better than what you find in the typical grocery store:

  • Local food is grown and raised with care, using natural fertilizers and organic farming practices.
  • It's grown the way it should be--as nature intended it to be.
  • It's picked fresh, at its peak, so it has a more fully developed flavor than food that is picked before it's ripe and shipped from miles away
  • And because local food is grown naturally and picked at just the right time it has more nutrients
  • The more flavor food has, the more nutrients it contains. And that's just great for your body and your health!

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