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Dear America: Don’t Rock The Boat. Sincerely, The Food Industry

The food industry, otherwise known as Big Food, is feeling a little uneasy. You see, they’ve noticed a disturbing trend. There’s always been talk in America of eating healthy and they’ve been able to tailor their advertising to fit the current trends. But now something’s different. You’re different.

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Photo: Joerite/Wikipedia. An American grocery store.

The Food Industry Says: This Cannot Continue

In his article for Scientific American author Patrick Mustain spells out the predicament of the Food Industry and why they’re starting to feel so nervous about you.

Dear Consumers: A disturbing trend has come to our attention. You, the people, are thinking more about health, and you’re starting to do something about it. This cannot continue.

The Food Industry has always been able to keep you satisfied–no matter what the health trends.

Whatever the current health trend, we respond by developing and marketing new products. We can also show you how great some of our current products are and always have been. For example, when things were not looking so good for fat, our friends at Welch’s were able to point out that their chewy fruit snacks were a fat free option. Low fat! Healthy! Then the tide turned against carbohydrates. Our friends in meat and dairy were happy to show that their steaks, meats and cheeses were low-carb choices. Low carbs! Healthy!

Despite their best efforts to keep up with your changing food and health attitudes, they’re feeling uneasy because you’re buying more and more real, healthy food. You’re going to the farmer’s market more often. You’re cooking freshly prepared meals with your family. You’re looking at labels.

Well, this has to stop. Big Food likes it the way things are–with Big Pharma and Big Health there to help you be the consumer you’ve always been.

So you see, dear consumer, everything is fine. We’ve got a good thing going here. There’s no need for you to start worrying about the industrial food system. If you do start thinking about your weight, check out our line of Healthy Choice frozen meals. If that doesn’t work, our friends over in the pharmaceutical industry, the health and fitness industry and the healthcare industry will be happy to help you to continue to fulfill your role as an American Consumer.

Read more of the article here.

We say: keep up the good work, American Consumer. After all it’s your food system, not theirs.


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