How to Make Any Crab Cakes in 5 Steps

Crab cakes remind us of summertime parties with family and friends. They’re light, healthy and go great with cold beer or a nice glass of white wine.

Crab cakes are a lot like meatballs: both come together with the help of an egg, breadcrumbs, and a few common minced vegetables and herbs; both are hand-patted and pan-fried; and both have a sidekick sauce — marinara for meatballs, tartar for crab cakes.

three beautiful fresh crab cakes

Photo: Food52. Three beautiful, fresh crab cakes.

Try these beautiful crab cakes from Food52, made in 5 easy steps–er, the first step might be easy, but’s it’s not exactly quick.

might seem as ridiculous as booking two massage appointments back to back, but meticulously picking over the crab meat is the single most important step in making crab cakes. Nothing ruins a meal like biting into a shell fragment. (Or worse, having a guest take that bite.) You end up cautiously gumming each remaining bite as if it’s about to bite back. If you didn’t pick thoroughly, it might continue the assault. In my opinion, given the cost of lump crab, it had better be docile.

Another option is to buy whole crab and cook and crack it yourself. That way you can control the amount of shell you end up dealing with–and hopefully, that’s none.

Get the full recipe here.

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