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Know Your GMO Supporters!

You might think the most important takeaway from this infographic from Cornucopia Institute is how the supporters of the California’s Prop 37 were outspent by a margin of 5 to 1–a whopping $37,000,000 difference. But take a closer look at those companies in the GMO Corporate Charlatan column. You might see some brands that you like and never would have thought they would be part of the list of corporations fighting against GMO labeling. If they’re convinced that GMOs are safe, why in the world wouldn’t they want us to know they’re in our food?

Prop 37: your right to know

Cornucopia Institute. Prop 37: Your right to know.

But hooray for the Prop 37 heroes! So if you feel so inclined vote with your dollars and support them. If you want to get involved check out Food Democracy Now’s campaign to label GMOs.

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