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New App Lets You Boycott Monsanto, Koch Brothers Products

This is the best new thing in the world today. Creator Ivan Pardo, a Los Angeles-based, 26-year old freelance programmer, spent the last 16 months working on Buycott. The app lets you choose the cause or campaign you care about, scan a product’s barcode and see the “company tree,” tracing its ownership back through its parent companies. The tree lets you see if the product conflicts with your campaign commitment.

buycott app shows you company tree

Buycott shows you the product’s “company tree” .

By joining the “Demand GMO Labeling” campaign you can avoid any product whose company donated more than $150,000 to oppose the GMO labeling in California. What’s really cool is that for a company to be removed from the list in the campaign, it must

publicly commit to supporting mandatory GMO labeling in food.

And after you’ve joined a campaign the app lets you share it with your friends. There are a number of cool campaigns on Buycott including:

  • Avoid Koch Industries
  • Local & Sustainable Food Iniative
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Support Prop 37 Donors

Buycott shows you the trending and top campaigns as well as the number of members in each campaign–so you can watch your causes grow!

We think this app is going to be the next big thing in the real food and non-GMO movements because it puts so much power into the hands of consumers. No longer do we have to wait until there’s some legislation telling companies to label GMOs. No longer do we have to depend on the FDA to make companies label ingredients honestly. We can choose to support companies that have the same values we do.

Be patient with Buycott because the app was just recently “bootstrapped” according to its creator and the site has been overwhelmed with interested users since the Forbes article came out about it yesterday. Contact Buycott and find out how you can help make their app more useful and successful for all of us who endeavor to put great food into our bodies–and to know where it comes from!

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