Nigella Lawson’s Linguine with Lemon, Garlic, and Thyme Mushrooms

Nigella Lawson says this is one of her proudest creations. It’s also super easy–just boil the pasta, add some items to a big bowl and toss!

It’s what you serve when you want to throw a dinner party and come across as blithely, gloriously relaxed.

pasta with lemon, thyme and mushrooms

Photo: Food52. Nigella Lawson’s Pasta with lemon, thyme and mushrooms.

Carbonara expects us to maneuver eggs. Linguine con vongole: to dance with clams. Cacio e pepe: to swirl a molten sauce out of butter and dry cheese. And none of them, once maneuvered, is terribly willing to sit around and wait for dinner.

So aren’t you pleased that this is a pasta that doesn’t expect hand-eye coordination or time management? It’s just as happy being served hot, warm, even cold. And all you have to do — other than boiling pasta (you’ve got this) — is put items in a bowl and stir. — Food52 Senior Editor, Kristen Miglore

Get the full recipe here.

Try using linguine made from whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat and spelt for a more nutritious, but still fabulously flavorful, pasta dish.

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