Organic Farm Raided By Police Using SWAT Team

Police in Arlington, Texas conducted a massive SWAT raid on a sustainable, community farm on August 2nd after conducting air surveillance that purportedly gave them probable cause to raid a marijuana operation. The City of Arlington said that the raid was a result of complaints from residents that the conditions on the farm were harming the enjoyment and value of their own properties, and that the farm owners were growing marijuana.

Police seized tomatillo plants, blackberry bushes, native grasses and other food grown at the Garden of Eden farm–but no marijuana plants. All in all the raid lasted 10 hours with the farm’s residents being handcuffed at gunpoint for at least a half hour until police realized it wasn’t a marijuana-growing operation. Police have been using SWAT teams for minor violations recently, including raids conducted on food co-ops and Amish farms suspected of selling raw milk.

In this video report from Texas station KXAS-TV, resident Quinn Eaker tells his version of what happened that day.

Read the farm’s account of what happened here.

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