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Polly’s Incredible Goat Birth

This is the story of Polly, the Nigerian Dwarf goat, and her first time giving birth with all the trials and tribulations of labor and the drama of passing out. The best part is her owner reenacting the drama that unfolded after the sun went down and it was too dark to take any more pictures.

Don’t Touch Me–I’m About To Have A Cow!

polly's incredible goat birth

Photo: DaNelle/Weed ‘Em & Reap. Polly, the Nigerian Dwarf goat, in labor.

DaNelle of Weed ‘Em & Reap chronicles Polly’s labor and goat birth when she starts by freaking out, not wanting to be touched and finally getting up, then down, up–then down.

So I did what any other goat owner would do to her goat who is about to give birth but is being all dramatic and doesn’t want you to touch her…
I took about a hundred close up shots of her face.
You know, so she can remember this special day and how beautiful she looked.

When the sun went down DaNelle kindly showed us what happened next…

I will be playing myself & Polly.
Because I’m cool like that.
It was literally FREEZING that day.  I think I was wearing 2 pants, 2 jackets, a scarf, a blanket & a full size sleeping bag.  It was THAT cold.
Polly started getting louder and louder and I could tell she was pushing because she’d stretch her head up really high.
re-enacting polly's labor

Photo: DaNelle/Weed ‘Em & Reap. Re-enacting Polly’s labor.

Read more of DaNelle’s hilarious recounting of Polly’s first goat birth. The best part for us was finding out that the milk from Nigerian Dwarf goats is not only RAW, but tastes just like cow’s milk. Cool!

If you’re interesting in raising your own goats and getting the benefits of raw milk, read DaNelle’s Goat Guide 101 on raising and milking goats.

goat guide 101 - weed 'em & reap

Photo: Goat Guide 101/Weed ‘Em & Reap.


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