Southwestern Quinoa Salad, by Way of the Pantry

Got some quinoa in your pantry? Make this gorgeous southwestern quinoa salad from Food52, sit back, eat and relax.

I hadn’t known we had quinoa. I wasn’t even sure if it was still edible. Can quinoa go bad? It smells like dust, I said to my wife, Anya. Is it supposed to smell like dust?

Quinoa, like kale, has gone from unknown to cult obsession to cliché without ever being something that most people ate. Ours went into a splendid, vaguely southwestern salad, a riff on a Gourmet recipe: quinoa, beans, toasted corn, cherry tomatoes, feta, lime. (The corn, needless to say, had just been excavated from the freezer.) It was delicious.

southwestern quinoa salad

Photo: Food52. Southwestern quinoa salad.

Get the full recipe here.

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