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Study Finds Organic Produce At Farmer’s Markets Cheaper

Despite the common perception that food at farmers’ markets is more expensive than its counterpart in a grocery store the truth is much of the farmers’ produce is cheaper. A study compared both organic and non-organic farmers’ market items and found that aside from eggs and potatoes your local market offers a more affordable option.

Farmers’ Markets are Not Just for Elitists

In his article on Politics of the Plate, Barry Estabrook reiterates the myth that only elitists shop at farmers’ markets.

farmers market bridgehampton

Photo: David Shankbone/Wikipedia. A roadside farmer’s market in Bridgehampton, New York.

We’re all familiar with the accepted gospel: Only well-heeled food snobs can afford the exorbitant prices charged for those attractively displayed baby greens and heirloom tomatoes at farmers’ markets, while those who can’t afford such greener-than-thou food-purchasing decisions must paw through limp broccoli, wilted lettuce, and tennis-ball tomatoes at supermarket produce departments.

He goes on to describe some really interesting results in the price comparison study conducted for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.

Astoundingly, organic items at farmer’s markets were nearly 40 percent cheaper than they were at neighboring supermarkets.

A couple of other studies of Iowa and Seattle farmers’ market prices reinforced the Vermont study with results showing the market prices were equal to or less than supermarket prices.

Read the full article here.

So spread the word and let your family and friends know that they can get tastier food at their local farmer’s market that is not only price competitive with their grocery store but they’ll also have more fun perusing the gorgeously grown local food.

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