Summer Corn Chowder

This beautiful summer corn chowder was the Best Chowder contest winner at Food52!

summer corn chowder

Photo: Food52. Summer corn chowder.

Notes from winner Nancy Jo:

I started making this chowder in 1990 from a recipe I found in Food & Wine. Not being a fan of bell peppers, I modified it by adding poblano peppers instead and I think it tastes much better. I have also roasted the poblanos on occasion for a richer flavor It’s a huge crowd pleaser!

Get the full recipe here.

Somehow this looks fresh, light and satisfying all at the same time. Food52‘s review says the taste alternates between hot and sweet with intensified flavors.

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Julia is a non-purist who strives to be a purist in the organic, whole foods life. She has two young kids who challenge her at dinner time, and lunch time…and snack time, and breakfast. "Give me some chemicals Mommy!" is what she feels like she hears at these meals. She truly admires the moms out there who freely, and passionately make their food from scratch. Can she be one of them? Probably not, but she tries. Julia is the co-founder of Two Sister Organics, a natural and organic skin care company, and Eating Local & Organic.

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