Summer Tomato Tartines with Garlic Confit

summer tomato tartines with garlic confit from dash and bella's phyllis grant

Photo: Food52. Summer tomato tartines with garlic confit from Dash and Bella’s Phyllis Grant.

What better thing to eat this summer than something made from local, fresh tomatoes. Presented by Food52 this recipe comes from Phyllis Grant of Dash and Bella and sounds like a great way to enjoy seasonal tomatoes on garlicky, crusty bread, listen to some music and hang out with someone special.

Dude, please. Don’t shoot Buddha in the face with a water gun.

But mom. It’s so fun. Why not?

I don’t know. It just seems wrong. He’s just sitting there, all smiling and peaceful. Reminding me to breathe and be in the moment. 

What does in the moment mean?

It’s what I’m practicing right now.

Don’t be crazy. You’re not doing anything right now!

Well that’s the point. I’m supposed to be writing a bunch of things and my photo of butterscotch sauce is a bit soft so I should reshoot it but I’m here on our back porch in the sun with these dirty white pillows surrounded by thirsty plants watching you shoot yourself in the face with a water gun and there’s nowhere else I should be and I’m trying not to think about the immunization form that’s not filled out or the laundry or that stain on the rug or the dishes or the fact that summer is almost over and—

Okay. Okaaaaaaaaay. I get it. Being in the moment. It’s like when you’re cooking. Right? And when you’re listening to that song.

What song?

We glide into the kitchen, gorge ourselves on tomato tartines, and listen to Daft Punk over and over again, knowing, that come September, we will be sick of them both. — Phyllis Grant, Dash and Bella

Get the full recipe here.

For a simpler version I once got a tip from my local West Michigan farmer who offered:

Toast a thick slice of farm-fresh bread, spread some goat cheese on it–Dancing Goat Creamery has some over there–layer with slices of these gorgeous tomatoes and add chopped, freshed basil, salt and pepper. We eat it for breakfast all the time. It’s great.

It never occurred to me to eat toast, goat cheese and tomatoes for breakfast, but it was fabulous and is now my favorite breakfast to eat. It has all the elements of a great bite: savory from the goat cheese, salt, acid and sweet from the tomatoes. And the beautiful crunch and chew of farmer’s market, fresh-baked bread!

What kind of summertime tomato toast do you like to make? We’d love to hear your take on fresh tomatoes and crusty bread.

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