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Photo: Tom Hirschfeld. Polenta with peas and pork sausage by thirschfeld.

This beautiful farm dish by Tom Hirschfeld is worthy of making for Spring, or heck anytime of the year with some frozen, local peas! It’s very comforting and would be a hit with kids.

Notes from thirschfeld:

When it comes to pork, quality matters. If you buy pork that is enhanced with sodium triphosphate, a common practice at big box stores, it will be difficult to get it to caramelize and honestly, it will taste bland. It is done to help the meat retain moisture, but I think they add it because the producers have made the pork too lean.

If you buy pork raised with a higher fat content, you don’t need the moisture retainer. Not only that, but when pork is raised in a more sustainable fashion, it just tastes better, because the pig ate better. When I bite into good pork, pork that tastes like it should, it immediately transports me to my grandparents’ farm, sitting outside under a shade tree eating dinner on a beautiful summer’s eve.

Get the full recipe from Food52 + learn how to make your own sausage with just a sharp knife.


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Seared Scallops with Spring Onion and Tarragon Cream Sun, 14 Apr 2013 16:45:47 +0000 Laura Food52: Seared Scallops with Spring Onion and Tarragon Cream

Photo by Food52. Seared Scallops with Spring Onion and Tarragon Cream by lastnightsdinner.

This beautiful Spring dish features a sauce that embodies the perfect marriage of springs peas and fresh tarragon.

Notes from lastnightsdinner:

About a year ago I had a wonderful dish of halibut cheeks served with grilled baby leeks and asparagus and a spring onion soubise at one of our favorite Providence restaurants, La Laiterie. That soubise has haunted me, and I’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to try my hand at making a similar sauce at home. When this challenge was announced, I thought the super sweet Bomster scallops (from Stonington, CT) that we get at our local farmers market would pair beautifully, and happily I was right. The delicate onion flavor, in this instance enhanced with a hint of anise-y tarragon and the subtle tang of (you guessed it) crème fraiche, played really well with the caramelized scallops, and the pale green color of the sauce whispered “spring.”

Get the full recipe from Food52.

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