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Unacceptable Levels: A Documentary About the Toxic Chemicals in our Lives

Watch the trailer for the new documentary Unacceptable Levels by inspiring filmmaker Ed Brown of Pennsylvania, with screenings coming in Summer, 2013. The documentary talks about how we are exposed to tons of chemicals in the foods we eat and the products we put on our bodies, and even the toys we play with. We have developed so many chemicals, and as a result chronic conditions that didn’t exist 30 years ago–we really don’t know how they all interact within our bodies. Nobody is studying it!

A Journey of Toxic Discovery

In his interview with Organic Connections magazine in December, 2012, Ed Brown, an aspiring filmmaker working as a waiter by day, talks about his journey making the film.

Ed Brown was a typical “starving artist”—an aspiring filmmaker from Pennsylvania, working a day job as a waiter. A particularly bad-tasting glass of water and—much more seriously—two miscarriages by his wife, led him to wonder about chemicals in our day-to-day environment. The end result, three struggling years later, was a very comprehensive documentary film called Unacceptable Levels, which scrutinizes and reveals the many potentially hazardous chemicals surrounding us in our everyday lives.

“I was drinking a glass of water one night at a restaurant where I was working,” Brown told Organic Connections. “There was one thing about it I noticed right away. We’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, but this thing smelled and tasted like a swimming pool. I thought, ‘How could this possibly be okay?’
Read the full article here.

Ed Brown has since become not only an important filmmaker exploring the link between toxins in our everyday lives and our health, but is also working to empower people with the information and tools to make a difference. To get his list of companies that have already committed to making health a strong part of their products’ design click here.

What products do you eat or use that you’re concerned about and what are the changes you’re making to get the toxic chemicals out of your life?

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