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Why Are Those Awesome Peterson Bros on Monsanto’s Blog?

I have to admit that I love the Peterson Farm Bros. parody videos. They really make working on the farm look fun and, frankly, cool. When I saw their latest video “A Fresh Breath of Farm Air,” a parody of Will Smith’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” I thought this would be a great funny video to add to our collection. But then I started wondering what kind of farming do they do? Do they grow Genetically Modified crops?

The Peterson Farm is a 4-th generation family farm that primarily raises cattle, but also grows wheat, corn, alfalfa and sorghum. I tried asking them through their Facebook page if they grow GMO-free crops, but somehow my post got deleted. Too bad because I think it would have been an excellent opportunity for them to engage on that subject. Especially since they’ve captured so much attention from young people through their videos. Their “Farmer Style” video, a “Gangnam Style” parody, posted December, 2012, has over 13 million views to date.

So I did some digging and though I was still excited at being able to write an article featuring their latest stuff, to my disappointment I found them–on Monsanto’s blog. That pretty much answered my questions about their farming practices and whether or not their crops were GMO. What I found even more interesting was what Greg, one of the three brothers, said to the Monsanto article author, Janice Person, when she asked if he was interested in helping people understand farming, correcting misperceptions or something else?

I think our main goal is dispelling all of the misperceptions about agriculture and the way to do that is to educate the people about farming. There are lots of comments on YouTube that show people are still really misinformed. Subjects like animal confinement, GMOs, using chemicals, etc. People need to understand that farming isn’t perfect, but neither is anything else in this world. The reality is that we are just trying our best to feed the world and sometimes the media blows things out of proportion, making us look bad, and a lot of what they say is down-right false.

To that I ask: why not talk about those “misperceptions” on their Facebook page? Why not have some sort of educational info or link in their About section that addresses animal confinement, using chemicals and GMOs?

Frankly, I’m left with the impression that they don’t really want to talk about those things–they don’t really want to educate people about farming. They just want to have fun, show their love for farming and make people laugh in the process. And that’s not so bad.

Check out more of their videos here and let them know you want to have a real discussion on animal confinement, using chemicals and GMOs while you’re there.

For more information on what GMOs are read our awesome article here–it should clear up all your misperceptions!

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