THE GOAL: to go back to our roots

Taste The Difference

Food that's grown locally, without chemicals, just tastes better. Who hasn't tasted a home-grown tomato and thought how much better it tastes than one bought in a store? You'll be amazed at the flavor and your meals will taste awesome!

Get Healthy

There's no rocket science behind the idea that eating food that is nutrient-dense is good for you. Local food is much more nutritious than food that's been shipped from miles away, with the vitamins, enzymes and minerals diminishing as the miles tick by. And it doesn't have all those nasty chemicals and hormones.

Build Your Local Economy

When you spend money on local food, it has a multiplying effect. Every dollar circulates within the local economy and impacts 3 - 7 businesses. The hard-earned money you've spent stays in the local economy longer. Why is this important? It means that the farmers who bring us all this wonderful food can continue to do so. And who knows, you might end up with a thriving local economy based on food!